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About Findings

Supporting Small Businesses and the People Behind Them

Our store was founded by Tanya Mello (left) and Courtney Franklin (right) in the fall of 2022. Both being mamas to tiny humans, small business owners and dreamers, they teamed up to create a collaborative space where other makers could thrive and grow their brands! Seeing a need for more opportunities for small business owners local to Colorado, the pair came together to create Findings. Their passion for supporting local shops and brands has expanded and encompassed 26+ local vendors and counting!

Everything sold online and in-store through Findings comes from makers across the Front Range of Colorado. 

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Meet the Makers!

The vendors and artisans in our store are the heart and soul of our sweet shop! Coming together from different parts of Colorado, they craft handmade local goods that make wonderful gifts and additions to your everyday life! Below, you can find more information about the vendors that we currently have featured in the store and the types of products that they create!

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