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Why Become a Vendor?

If you're a small business or vendor in Colorado, we KNOW you understand the pop-up market life! While farmers markets and local craft fairs are a wonderful way to get your merchandise exposure and sales under your belt, we also know the struggle that goes along with it! Packing up your inventory and driving to the location, often times very early in the morning, setting up and then vending in your space for a handful of hours before then having to pack back up and commute home- It can be a lot on a person! The hustle is REAL!


When you become a vendor with Findings, you have the opportunity to have your items in a brick and mortar storefront where your space is more permanent! With us being open 6 days a week, your products get more exposure to clientele! With flexible square footage options for vendor spaces, you get to grow your business as little or as much as you'd like!


Join the community of amazing Colorado vendors we host in our store and get connected with other entrepreneurs, multitaskers, dreamers and hustlin' baddies like you!

Drop your name and info. below and we will send over our informational brochure with all of the details about how to get started! 

Want More Info? 

6628 Delmonico Dr. Suite B

Colorado Springs CO 80919

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